Control blood sugar levelsAre There Supplements To Lower Blood Sugar?

High blood sugar is threatening to become a global epidemic. Hundreds of people around the world are given prescriptions for blood sugar lowering medication everyday, but do they really need it? If you doctor tells you that your blood sugar is high, why don’t you ask him to suggest a supplement to lower blood sugar. There are a number on the market now but probably Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar is the leading supplement, the reasons for which will be explained in this article.

Many conventional medications to control high blood sugar have unfortunate side effects such as frequent urination and tiredness. Some may even elevate your blood pressure and you need to ask yourself if that is what you want. Will conventional medication make your life comfortable? The answer is probably not.


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Vitamins to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Are there vitamins that can lower blood sugar levels? Vitamins can lower blood sugar levels. The vitamin B group is especially important as all of the vitamins in this group work together.

We often neglect fresh food, and this is where we will find most important members of the vitamin B group which are need for blood sugar stabilization. Fresh foods include vegetables, fruit and freeze dried products such as dried algae or brown seed. A freeze dried seaweed blood sugar supplement such as Oceans Bounty will give you vitamin B as well as many other micro supplements. Oceans Bounty Blood  Sugar is fast becoming one of the leading supplements to lower blood sugar.

Vitamins in the vitamin B Group that Lower Blood Sugar Levels

An excellent source for B2 (Riboflavin) is Brewers yeast, milk products such as yogurt, green leaf vegetables, Wakame brown seaweed and eggs. Vitamin B2 processes energy and form enzymes without which the body could not break down food.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is needed by every cell in the body for energy and it helps to break down carbohydrates. Vitamin B5 is found in wholegrain cereal, wheat germ, brown seaweed extract and liver.

Vitamin B12 (cobalmin) breaks down carbohydrates and assists with protein production. Lean meat, liver, milk, fish, shellfish and other marine foods are excellent sources.

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Supplements for Blood Sugar Stabilization

Selenium is added to blood sugar supplements such as Ocean Bounty, but there are other micro minerals which make ideal supplements to lower blood sugar. Many of them are found in nature, and can even be found in marine herbs or vegetables such as brown seaweed.

Chromiumsupplements to lower blood sugar

Chromium aids cells to use glucose efficiently. Chromium is removed from sugar to make it appear “whiter” but it is an essential nutrient and chromium deficiency is not uncommon. It was not discovered until the early 1970s that chromium is vital for health.

When given a chromium supplement a person low in this vital trace element would see his or hers blood sugar levels return to normal. Chromium is found in Brown Seaweed, wholegrain, fresh fruits, nuts, liver, molasses and cheese. It would be beneficial to see it in any supplement to lower blood sugar because of its ability to stabilize blood sugar.


Cobalt which can be found in greens, marine crops such as seaweed, liver and kidney is important for glucose control. Cobalt also teams up with vitamin B12 to make sugar level control even more efficient. Copper plays a role as well as it helps with enzyme function and breakdown of energy (glucose). This can incidentally be be found in abundance in marine vegetables.

cobalt in oceans bountyZinc

Zinc, which is also a safe supplement, is important when it comes to insulin storage. It can be found in milk, dried seaweed, bread, oily fish, egg yolk and most importantly in dried seaweed. The level of zinc is increased in seaweed as it dries.

Supplements to lower blood sugar such as Oceans Bounty  should always be combined with the right diet. Taking a supplement is important, but without cutting back on sugar, you are going to continue to give your pancreas a hard time. Supplements for blood sugar regulation should not contain too many ingredients. Too many compounds will only make your liver work harder, and that is not what you want.

The ingredients in Oceans Bounty are perfect, and you would be lucky to find 200 mg of brown seaweed extract in any other supplement. It can be argued that there are too many blood sugar supplements on the market today. Most of them are just confusing and complicated to use. If, you want lower your blood sugar level quickly and safely, you are better off sticking to  simple solutions such as Ocean Bounty.

We often neglect the health benefits of the ocean, and forget about the many wonderful marine herbs and vegetables that can help us. Many of them, such as brown seaweed, are richer in micro nutrients than anything on land. Supplement manufacturers are increasingly turning to the ocean for help. Perhaps it is about time you turned to the sea for Oceans Bounty supplement.

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