How to lower blood sugarCan you lower your blood sugar fast using natural methods? Yes, you can lower your blood sugar level very quickly when you need to. As a matter of fact, most people could lower their elevated blood sugar within a matter of weeks by using the DES method. The DES method is all about how to lower blood sugar without prescription medication but its efficacy can be increased with the use of a natural supplement such as Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar and we would recommend the DES method with the supplement for optimum results.It is one of the simplest ways to deal with high blood sugar. Moreover, it is convenient but does include minor lifestyle changes.

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Immediately

DES stands for Diet, Exercise and Supplements. You may not believe this, but by giving up on your morning fruit juice, you will start to lower blood sugar level fast. Fruit juice is packed with sugar, and the average glass of orange juice contains three teaspoons of sugar. Your daily intake of sugar should only be 6 tablespoons, or 24 grams, so that is 12 grams you have nipped in the bud straight away.

How to lower blood sugar fast when it is too high, is all about recognizing where sugar can be found. White bread is loaded with sugar, so you are better of replacing your white bread with full corn bread. Don’t spread jam on your bread. Stick to things like peanut butter or a nice piece of cheese. The protein in the cheese will help you to feel fuller for longer.

How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally with Fruit

orangeFruit is good for us, but when we consume fruit juice, we just ingest too much sugar. Even fresh orange juice is bad for you. You are not very likely to juice just one orange, you are much more likely to juice two. Try eating the orange instead and avoid juices altogether. The dietary fiber in the orange will make you feel full.

We do need to slow release energy in the morning, and fruit is packed with energy. It is also full of fiber which will help you to cleanse your system. The fiber found in fruit will help to lower your blood sugar naturally and quickly. The ideal breakfast would be fruit with a natural sugar free yogurt.

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly With the Right Lunch or Dinner

This is probably another one which is new to you, but you can lower your blood quickly without eating potatoes with your lunch or dinner. If you suffer from elevated blood sugar it may be good idea to give up on potatoes altogether if you want to achieve quick results. Replace them with Sweet potato, wild rice or just vegetables.

How to lower blood sugar fast with vegetables is easy, and tasty as well. Once again, you are eating something which contains a lot of fibers. Insoluble fibers in vegetables will help to cleanse your body, and vegetables also contain micro minerals such as selenium, chromium and cobalt. They are just what you pancreas need when it takes an inventory.

How to Lower Blood Glucose Fast with Avoidance Technique

Yes, there are certain foods that you need to avoid. They include tinned foods, ready made food, smoked meats and smoked fish. All of those are likely to have had sugar added to them, and by removing them from your diet, you are cutting down on your sugar consumption.

Also focus on your table fats. Margarine can be full of sugar, and you are better of using butter. Unsalted butter is one of the most natural foods in the world, and is a great source of many minerals and vitamins. Some oils are good, but you want to make sure that your sunflower or rapeseed oil does not contain sugar.

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How to Lower Your Blood Sugar – Ditch that Nespresso!

If, you are into your speciality coffees you want to be careful as well. Nespresso may taste great but part of the reason is the elevated sugar content in some of the flavors. Look carefully at all “ready made coffee” blends – you will be amazed on how much sugar they contain.

How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally with Supplementsoceans bounty blood sugar

How to lower your blood sugar naturally may seem like a gigantic task when you start out, but by applying the DES principle, you should see it coming down quickly. Exercise at a level which is comfortable for you, and don’t forget about your supplements.

There are a range of supplements on the market today that claim to lower your blood sugar fast. Just don’t rely on a supplement within one ingredient. You are far better of investing in a supplement which has the right range of blood sugar lowering ingredients. Oceans Bounty is one of the best supplements on the market today. It is not overloaded with complicated ingredients. Instead it has a range of good quality ingredients which can help you to lower your blood sugar.

How to lower blood sugar is all about diet, exercise and the right supplement. This is a sustainable regime, and will not cause side effects like so many other conventional treatments.

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