high blood sugar symptoms

High Blood Sugar Symptoms

Control of blood sugar or blood glucose has become a major problem in the Western world and diabetes is on the increase because of our failure to keep our sugar levels down. So what are the signs that you should look out for if you think your blood sugar levels are fluctuating or worse you think you have high blood sugar symptoms?

Thirsty And Loo Visits

Thirst and having to urinate frequently are signs that there may be too much sugar in your blood. Your kidneys are on overdrive trying to filter out the sugar and as a result they are extracting more fluids from your tissues causing your frequent visits to the toilet. The signal that your body has to replinish these fluids is of course the thirst that you are experiencing and you have to keep your fluid levels up to avoid dehydration.

 Extreme Tiredness

Feeling tired all the time or particularly fatigued could be another sign that your blood sugar levels are troubling you. If sugar is staying in your bloodstream because the levels are too high then your muscles dont get enough fuel to generate energy, hence the tiredness.

 Losing Weight

Whilst weight loss is often a good idea for many of us,losing it quickly without trying, it might be a sign of high blood sugar and high sugar or glucose can lead to it being flushed out of the body when you go to the toilet. This in turn takes calories and fluids with it. All of this is closely associated to tip one in this list as another one of those high blood sugar symptoms

Constant Infectionsconstant skin infections

Constant or repeated infections can be another of these  high blood sugar symptoms. These can take the form of urinary infections, gum disease, fungal or bacterial skin infections or yeast infections in women. Getting constant respiratory infections, gall bladder issues and general bacterial or fungal infections could all be signs of a blood sugar level which is out of control. Very high blood sugar levels could lead to stomach problems, feeling nauseous and faint.

Sight Problems

Both high blood pressure and high blood sugar are associated with vision problems and if you are suffering from blurred vision, lines, spots or even flashing lights, its time to check your blood sugar levels and visit your doctor for advice.

What Are The Remedies for High Blood Sugar?

Clearly you should visit your physician if you constantly feel unwell as high blood sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes. So are there any easy solutions for high blood sugar issues and how easy is it to reduce high blood sugar?
Exercise is a good one as it helps you to reduce weight and can take the additional sugar or glucose from your body. Exercise regularly even if it’s just a brisk daily walk and you will soon see the benefits, mental as well as physical.
 Diet is another obvious target. Eating healthily will keep your blood sugar under control and if you need assistance with your diet or losing weight to get those blood sugars under control then visit your doctor.
 Use a natural supplement. If your blood sugar is high or you would like to ensure that it is under control then a natural supplement like Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar could be all you need.


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