control of blood sugarBlood sugar and its control is at the center of any diabetes treatment but it isn’t necessarily indicative of diabetes. High sugar consumption is a worldwide problem and it is only in recent history that the medical profession has become alive to the dangers of our sugar consumption.

High blood sugar can lead to damage to the blood vessels, nerves and internal organs and can of course lead to diabetes which can be a life threatening illness if not closely monitored.

High blood sugar levels if they remain untreated can cause both short term effects and long term damage. Over the short term it wont damage the organs but it can lead to fatigue, thirstiness,high urination levels and lead you prone to infections and can even cause vision problems. If you have high blood sugar levels for a sustained period then you may find that you start to suffer from the classic association and complications of diabetes.blood glucose


Clearly we need glucose or sugar in our blood and it serves a useful purpose. Moderate levels act as the fuel our bodies need to stay active and healthy and the brain requires sugar constantly to produce energy. Sugar and oxygen in our blood is necessary to our wellbeing and some levels of sugar will always be found in our blood. Too low a level and our brain doesnt get enough and we can be prone to dizzy spells, tooo much and it can eventually lead to diabetes. The levels in our blood is controlled by insulin and Oceans Bounty Blood sugar supplement has recognized that if the insulin produced by our body is inefficient at controlling those blood sugar levels then a condition known as hyperglycemia can develop. This blood sugar supplement from oceans bounty acts as a natural insulin and provides additional nutrients to support the body in its efforts to control the blood sugar levels present.

One of the main ingredients in Oceans Bounty blood sugar is Focoidan which has been shown to decrease cholesterol and is present in brown seaweed which forms the basis of many Ocean Bounty products. Not many folks would relish the idea of having to eat seaweed in its natural form but this supplements provides a rare brown seaweed plus another 8 varieties of seaweeds including seanol and sea minerals.The benefits of seaweed in the diet have only recently gained prominence but many leading experts now consider it has significant health giving properties and it is no coincidence that those societies who eat significant levels of this sea vegetable have longer and healthier lives including remarkable effects on the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and lowering blood sugar levels, acting as it were as a natural insulin. That Oceans Bounty Blood sugar contains all of this is the secret to lowering blood sugar naturally and avoiding the awful effects that conditions such as diabetes can have on anyone who is unfortunate enough to develop the disease.

To improve heart and artery health and control blood sugar, this supplement full of these marine plants is worth some serious consideration.

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