Oceans Bounty Blood Pressure Stabilizer

Why Might We Need Oceans Bounty Blood Pressure Stabilizer?

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The optimum blood pressure for an adult is 120 over 80 and far too many in the western world are now feeling the effects of increasing blood pressure levels.

High blood pressure is thought to effect over 73 million people in the US and one in three of those have hypertension. The issue for many is- they dont know about it or have any symptoms. Thats the danger with high blood pressure- its a silent killer.

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What Happens If You Suffer From High Blood Pressure?

Your heart has to work even harder to get the blood round your body and the longer you have high blood pressure, the heart gets more and more tired. The heart is a muscle and overuse can lead to cardiac problems and we all know what can happen with those.

High blood pressure can start to work to diminish the inner lining of the blood vessels themselves leaving miniscule but dangerous dips where cholesterol can start to accumulate. This can narrow the blood vessels and thereby increases the work your heart has to do to pump the blood around, elevating the dangers to the heart and putting you at risk of serious illness.

The problem with high blood pressure and the weird thing about it is that THERE ARE VIRTUALLY NO SYMPTOMS UNTIL ITS TOO LATE.  One minute you could be enjoying life to the full and the next you could be lying in a hospital bed or worse.

Its not just your heart which suffers from high blood pressure, your brain or lungs can also be deteriorating because of the effects of sluggish blood flow and narrowing arteries and blood vessels.

So now you know that high blood pressure can be a real concern and the impact on you and your loved ones can be very real.

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What Can Cause High Blood Pressure?

Knowing that high blood pressure can lead to serious illness or death is one thing but what causes it and how can a natural blood stabilizer like oceans bounty blood stabilizer help?

Well in the same way that are the effects of high blood pressure are not obvious, neither are the causes.

Mineral Deficiency

It has been said that a deficiency in nutrients and minerals lies at the root of every disease and research has found that even a mild deficiency can alter blood levels and immunity and low levels of vitamins A,C,E,B6 and another called folic acid (important to pregnant women) can have dramatic effects.blood-pressure-oceans-bounty


This again lies at the root of many health problems and keeping inflammation down has a knock on effect on blood pressure. Oceans Bounty Blood Stabilizer natural formula has an increased anti inflammatory effect, stopping multiple inflammatory routes, not just one or possibly two like your standard anti inflammatory.

Weakened Cells

Cells can become injured or just start to wear out as we get older and the damaged cells can let in many health issues including increased blood pressure levels. Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar Stabilizer has been formulated to help your body tackle those problematic cells in your blood, bone and fat and renew them.


We are all aware of the increasing levels of toxins in the air around us. They are found in our food and water and in the products we use and over time our body starts to absorb them. It is thought that the average number of toxins in the body is around 100 and that can only increase as modern society evolves.
Toxin overload can lead to all sorts of nervous system problems and damage to the organs. The ingredients in Oceans Bounty Blood Stabilizer can help absorb and neutralize these toxins and improve your general health as well as lower your blood pressure.

So, having touched on the oceans Bounty Blood Pressure stabilizer, lets have a closer look at the Blood Pressure Stabilizer ingredients.

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Blood Pressure Stabilizer Ingredients

The company behind this blood pressure solution have spent tens of thousands of pounds and tens of thousands of man hours researching and formulating a complex of ingredients. The aim is that it will go to work quickly to protect and support the blood vessels and reduce blood pressure with its proprietary mix of natural ingredients. Because it is made up of natural ingredients there are no negative side effects and is four times more powerful than the bodies own natural blood thinning system. This can help to reduce the risk of clots which can in turn lead to heart attacks and brain haemorrhages.

Blood Pressure Stabilizer Ingredients In A Nutshell

Having looked at over 170 potential ingredients, Oceans Bounty narrowed it down to 14.

Vitamins B6, B12 and Vitamin C

Vitamin B6 has been shown to reduce homocysteine levels in the blood seen as a risk factor for cardio disease.
Vitamin B12 is related to B6 in reducing homocysteine levels and is also involved in the production of red blood cells. The levels of homocysteine have been directly linked to high blood pressure and hypertension so getting good levels of Vitamin B12 is essential.vitamin-b-oceans-bounty
Vitamin C is an antioxidant helping to reduce the free radicals which can damage the cells which can lead to increased blood pressure and research has shown that both the top and bottom blood pressure readings (sytolic and diastolic) were positively helped by the factors associated with Vit C.

Niacin- also known as Vitamin B3

Assists in lowering cholesterol and reduces blood fats and those blood sugar issues which can damage the walls of the arteries. It has also been shown to dilate the blood vessels improving general circulation.

Folic Acid

Can help lower the risk of strokes and has been linked with a reduction in heart related problems. Billions of people suffer from folic acid deficiency and whilst it is found naturally in leafy dark vegetables, beans and pulses, it can be difficult to absorb so its been added to the Blood Pressure Stabilizer.
Garlic Extract
You may be wondering why , but the benefits of garlic have been known for thousands of years and the specific odorless version present here, helps treat high blood pressure- specifically and only if taken in a tablet form according to researchers.

Hibiscus And Hawthorn Berry Extract
Hibiscus is a deep red herb with heart health supporting properties and aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and the benefits of hawthorn berry extract have been known and used for thousands of years. It contains antioxidants which work to strengthen the blood vessel walls and stabilize blood pressureblood-pressure-stabilizer

Other active ingredients in Oceans Bounty Blood Pressure stabilizer include:
Coleus Forskohlii Extract
Buchu Leaves
Uva Ursi
Juniper Berry Powder
Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract
and olive leaf extract.
Whilst there are pharmaceutical responses to high blood pressure problems and, it has to be said that sometimes you can end up having one prescription drug to cancel out the detrimental effects of the other, an all natural formula like Blood Pressure Stabilizer has no known side effects. According to the manufacturer, results have been seen in as little as eight weeks, so the formula works fast to reduce your blood pressure, balancing your blood pressure levels and avoiding the risks of clotting.

Having a natural supplement like Blood Pressure stabilizer from Oceans bounty and deep sea nutrition and one researched and formulated in laboratory conditions can help you feel younger and has far reaching health benefits for your heart and circulatory system.

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