Can Oceans Bounty Help You Lower Your Blood Sugar Level?

How Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar Can Help

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Are you feeling that afternoon low and reaching for the cookie jar again? What is actually going on here? Could it mean that you have a blood sugar problem?

Knowing how to lower your blood sugar requirements is an important part of medicine. Diet and exercise are both important when it comes to know how to treat high blood sugar, but you may be wondering if supplements to lower blood sugar can help as well?

There are a range of blood sugar supplements on the market today, but very few of them have their credentials based in science. Oceans Bounty is the supplement which stands out from the crowd Its replacement Blood Sugar Optimizer from HFL is just as good and everything you read here applies equally to Blood Sugar Optimiser.

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How to Lower Blood Sugar with Oceans Bounty/Blood Sugar Optimiser

Sugar is an enemy that is keeping close to your chest as it is everywhere we look. It is added to things that we assume are healthy such as fruit juices, and is even part of your morning muesli. Your body needs a maximum of 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, so identifying where the sugar can be found in your diet, is your starting point. Calculate how many tea spoons you can eliminate per day. A teaspoon equals about 4 grams of sugar. Sugar addiction is as much a problem as prediabetes and insulin imbalance.

Once you have discovered how much sugar you consume, you need to start to cut it back. Yes, you can have sugar substitutes but they don’t really help you to control your cravings. How to treat high blood sugar is also about changing your taste buds. But there is a problem, sugar can damage your taste buds. Getting your taste buds to appreciate other flavors will take time, and using sugar substitutes will not help. This is where  supplements to lower bloood sugar  like Oceans Bounty can really help.


Lower Blood Sugar With the Right Diet

Yes, you can lower blood sugar with the right diet, but the right diet is not good enough on a stand alone basis. Sugar in our diet is basically fast release energy. However, it is not added to food for energy. If, we added sugar to our food for energy, we would need to add far less. Most of the time we add sugar to our diet to improve taste and the food producers use it for the same reason.

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A lot of food that we eat today is packed with sugar, and identifying what sugar packed food you eat is very important. Also, it is vital to start to protect your body straight away. While you are trying to lower your blood sugar naturally, it is a good idea to add a supplement to your diet. It will take you a while to desensitize your body to sugar, and a supplement can help. Good quality blood sugar supplements like Oceans Bounty will help to control cravings, and lower blood sugar at the same time. If you suffer from high blood pressure then you may also be interested in blood flow optimiser a closely related product.


Lower Your Blood Sugar With the Right Exercise

Of course, you can lower your blood sugar with exercise. Short burst energy exercises such as Tabata or aerobics are not the best. What you need is slow release energy such as walking. When you have decided that you seriously want to lower your blood sugar, try to focus on getting as much energy released to help you as you can. That energy is not going to come from sugar. The cells will be more than happy to produce more energy but you need to feed them at the same time. What they need is selenium.

Selenium is a very important micro mineral when it comes to energy. To exercise properly, you need to make sure that your body has enough selenium. In the body it works in two ways. First of all it helps to allow the glucose to enter the cell, and then it helps to ensure the cells has sufficient oxygen supply.

oceans bounty blood sugar supplement

We all know how tired and achy we can feel when we exercise without enough oxygen in our body. The selenium in blood sugar optimiser will help you to exercise. It will make sure that oxygen is delivered to your muscles when you are out walking. Sustaining an exercise for a longer period of time is better than doing shorts of exercise. Believe it or not, walking can produce more energy by slowly releasing energy.

What Is So Special About Oceans Bounty/Blood Sugar Optimiser Ingredients?

Just like any other blood sugar supplements, Oceans Bounty has a couple of key ingredients which can help to lower blood sugar, and increase energy at the same time. However, as it is a 100 percent natural product, Oceans Bounty can do so much more.

Our problem with sugar is getting worse. By the year 2050, at least 15% of the worlds population will have diabetes type 2. It is a shocking statistic, but it could help to have a readily available control. Ocean Bounty fits in comfortably as a blood sugar lowering supplement as it cannot cause any serious side effects. All of the ingredients such as extract from Brown Seaweed to selenium are completely natural. What the body does not need, it will expel. That is a lot more than can be said for your conventional blood sugar control medicine which relies on artificial ingredients to work. Quite simply, Blood sugar optimiser from HFL works with the body not against it.

oceans bounty blood sugar ingredients

Oceans Bounty Ingredients

This is not one of those supplements with lots of ingredients. The ingredients are as clear as the purpose of Ocean Bounty, and its purpose is to lower blood sugar. But, to be honest, the advantages of this product does not stop there.

Fucoidan – Oceans Bounty Broom – Sweep Your Deck Clean

brown seaweedFirst of all, Oceans Bounty contains an insoluble fiber called Fucoidan. This fiber can only be found in the family of Brown Seaweed which lives along many coast lines. In the parts of the world where Brown Seaweed such as Wakame or Kelp is harvested, rates of high blood sugar and high blood lipids ( blood fats) are both much lower. The truth is lowering both blood sugar and lipids are important when it comes to knowing how to treat high blood sugar and this is where Oceans Bounty can certainly help.

Fucoidan belongs to a group of dietary fibers known as polysaccharides. There are many different types of dietary fibers, but polysaccharides have a longer molecule chain. This means that they can sweep up more harmful material in our body. That includes excess blood sugar, lipids and any free radicals doing the rounds in our bodies. The fact that it can handle all three is important – it leads to better cellular health.oceans bounty blood sugar Fucoidan

The Importance of Insoluble Fibers

Insoluble fibers such as Fucoidan, and to a certain extent pectin, are great as they pass through our bodies undamaged. They are passed out in bowel movements taking any material with them that they have collected along the way. Pectin is okay, but Fucoidan, is even better. It can gather up more, and may even shift deposits from the inside of the arteries. You can buy Fucoidan as a stand alone supplement. The problem is that you need at least 100 mg for it to be effective. Fortunately, Oceans Bounty contains 200 mg of Fucoidan.


Selenium – the Lost Micro Mineral

seleniumOur body does not only need vitamins and fibers to stay healthy, it needs micro minerals as well. The problem is that micro minerals are hard to come by these days. Most of the fruit and vegetables that we eat have been grown out of soil. To produce fruit and vegetables in this way is called hydroponic horticulture.

The vegetables and fruits in hydroponic horticulture are only given the nutrients they need to crop. This keeps the cost of the production down. In other words, the way we grow fruit and vegetables today robs us of many essential nutrients such as selenium. Not only does the food not taste as nice, but it is also less nutritious. Supplements are often needed to keep us healthy and to meet our nutritional requirements.

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Selenium- Why It Is Such An Important Part of Oceans Bounty Ingredients List

There are carefully selected ingredients  in Oceans Bounty, but without selenium this supplement would not be effective. Selenium is normally a mineral found in soil, and as the plant grows, it is absorbed by the plant. We eat the fruit of the plant, and hence why we absorb it.

Selenium also used to be present in all red meats, but since cattle is seldom grass fed these days, red meat such as beef do not now contain any selenium. It is a vicious circle, and we are on the receiving end.

What Does Selenium Do?

Selenium does not only sweep away excess blood sugar and fats, but it also knows how to handle toxic metals such as mercury. Many patients who suffer prediabetes, or high blood sugar, often have high levels of metals in their body. This means that it makes it more difficult for the cells to absorb blood glucose, and produce energy. Selenium will promote healthy cell growth by allowing more nutrients such as glucose to enter the cells. This makes the cells stronger and less likely to become damaged by free radicals.

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Also, selenium looks after special cells which produce a lot of energy. Most of these cells are found in the heart, and their job is to increase and maintain a healthy oxygen supply.

Ecklonia Cava – Another One of Oceans Bounty Ingredients

ecklonia cavaEcklonia cava is not a Spanish champagne. It is a seaweed which grows off the coast of Korea. As we are learning more about the bounty of the oceans, we are beginning to appreciate that many of its plants are indeed sea growing medical herbs. For instance, Ecklonia cava contains an anti-oxidant known as phloroglucinol. This is a very sensitive anti-oxidant and needs to be treated delicately. Once harvested, this seaweed quickly starts to deteriorate and really needs to be flash frozen immediately.

In the future we may see Ecklonia cava added to a lot of anti-inflammatory medication, and it is already being used to treat wounds and burns. Plants like Ecklonia cava will be more important in the future as we have to learn how to fight antibiotic resistance. This is an important ingredient in Oceans Bounty and is clearly in the rebranded version now known as  Blood Sugar Buster.

oceans bounty blood sugar buster ingredients

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

There are many symptoms of high blood sugar. Dry skin or itchy skin is one of the first signs, and this indicates that your circulation is being reduced. Don’t wait until you start to suffer from red flag symptoms such as fatigue, frequent urination and eyesight problems. You know how much sugar you are consuming every day, and it is up you to change it. If you are consuming more than six teaspoons of sugar per day, it is about time you did something about it.

Diet and exercise are important, but they are not enough. You need to start to protect your body from more damage, and try to repair any damage that has already taken place. Diet and exercise will certainly help, however, quality supplements like Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar will help you to achieve better blood sugar control and its new format known now as Blood Sugar Buster is a complete rebrand but contains the same ingredients.

Oceans Bounty = Lower Blood Sugar

Yes, the Oceans Bounty supplement can help you to lower your blood sugar level. However, make sure that you use the supplement correctly. Take it with a small glass of water in the morning, and if you do have a blood sugar level you are concerned about, you may want to take two capsules on an empty stomach before your main meal as well.

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This will help the body to utilize the energy in the food you have eaten much more efficiently, and at the same time, you are going to feel less tired after your meal. Think about Ocean Bounty as an energy supplement. It can help you lead a much more active life, and feel better in many ways.

Side Effects of Oceans Bounty

The body will not store any of the Oceans Bounty ingredients, so you are not likely to experience any negative side effects. It is even a supplement which is suitable for someone who has an allergy to sea foods and fish. Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar or Blood Buster will help to lower your blood sugar level, and at the same time, balance your cholesterol and lower your blood fats. This is a fantastic result from a supplement which contains only three main ingredients

The simple truth is that the Oceans Bounty ingredients have been sourced to do an effective job. Oceans Bounty has at its base clinical evidence of solid medical research, and you should consider adding it to your healthy living routine.

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